sty 25 2013

Konferencja: Implementacja Wytycznych ONZ ds. Biznesu i Praw Człowieka. Szanse, Wyzwania i Krajowy Plan Wdrażania Wytycznych

Lokalizacja: Polska,


9.00 – 17.45


25 stycznia 2013 r. w Warszawie odbędzie się konferencja pt. „Implementacja Wytycznych ONZ ds. Biznesu i Praw Człowieka. Szanse, Wyzwania i Krajowy Plan Wdrażania Wytycznych” organizowana przez Instytut Allerhanda. Portal patronuje konferencji.

Termin: 25 stycznia 2013 r., godz. 9.00 – 17.45
Miejsce: Ministerstwo Gospodarki – Sala Konferencyjna „Pod Kopułą” (wejście od ulicy Wspólnej)


8.30-9.00 Registration
9.00-9.20 Welcome address (AI)(FES) / organizational remarks / acknowledgments
9.20-9.35 Representative of the Ministry of Economy and  Parliament (TBC)
9.35-10.05 Dr. Michael K. Addo, UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights, University of Exeter, UK – (confirmed)
10.05-10.35 Richard Howitt, MEP, Rapporteur on CSR, European Parliament, Ambassador to the International Integrated Reporting Council, Member of the Government Advisory Group to the Global Reporting Initiative – Current developments in the EU in the area of CSR/Human Rights and Business (Confirmed)
10.35-10.50 Coffee break
Panel I – State Duty to Protect
This panel will look into issues around the state duty to protect and provide the introduction, available guidance and good practices in this field.
10.50 – 11.10 Representative of Polish administration (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, speaker tbc).
11.10 – 11.30 Mr Thomas Kennedy, Deputy Director, Department for Human Rights and Democracy, FCO – UK National Action Plan Implementing the UN Guiding Principles: The process, the content and the challenges. (confirmed)
11.30-11.50 Mr. Carl Christian Hasselbalch, Senior Adviser, CSR and Anti-Corruption, Department For Trade Policy, The Trade Council, Ministry Of Foreign Affairs: How the home state can best support its businesses abroad  (confirmed)
11.50-12.10 Dr Claire Methven O’Brien, Danish Institute of Human Rights, Representative of the European Group of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs),  Recommendations for States concerning National Action Plans and methodology for Human Rights and business National Baseline Survey.  (Confirmed)
12.10-12.30 Mr Filip Gregor, Lawyer, Environmental Law Service: State role and Human Rights Due Diligence (Confirmed)
12.30-13.00 Discussion:  Moderator (Allerhand Institute, tbc)
13.00 – 14.00 Lunch
Panel II – Corporate Responsibility to Respect
This panel is intended to look into actions that state can undertake to assist business in meeting its responsibility to respect human rights both in the state territory and when operating abroad.
14.00-14.20 Susan Bird, Policy Co-ordinator, Corporate Social Responsibility, DG EMPLOYMENT, European Commission – EC Communication on CSR and EC’s role in assisting business in implementing the UN Guiding Principles (confirmed)
14.20-14.40 UNDP representative, UN Global Compact and UN Guiding Principles (speaker to be confirmed)  –
14.40-15.00 Katarzyna Nowak, Kierownik Komunikacji Korporacyjnej i CSR,  Orbis S.A – Human Rights as integral part of business strategy & successful partnership with NGO. Case study. (Confirmed)
15.00-15.20 Dr Margaret Wachenfeld, Director of Legal Affairs, Institute for Human Rights and Business  – Working with business / Sectoral Guidance for Business  (Confirmed)
15.20-15.40 Discussion: Moderator (awaiting confirmation)
15.40-15.55 Coffee break
Panel III  – Access to Remedy
This panel will provide an overview of the possible judicial and non-judicial, state and non-state remedy/grievance procedures that should be taken into account when creating framework for the UN Guiding Principles effective implementation.
16.00-16.20 Dr Marzena Kruk, Head of the Unit for victimized by crime and promotion of mediation, Dept. for International Cooperation and Human Rights, Ministry of Justice of Poland – Access to remedy, incl. non-judicial/ADR mechanisms (Confirmed).
16.20-16.35 mec. Sylwester Pieckowski, adwokat, Przewodniczący Społecznej Rady ds. Alternatywnych Metod Rozstrzygania Sporów przy Ministrze Sprawiedliwości, Kancelaria Chadbourne & Parke LLP (Confirmed)
16.35-16.50 Presentation about the (Norwegian) OECD National Contact Point – Effectiveness and trust. A 21st century NCP. (TBC)
16.50-17.05 Representative of the company with well developed internal grievance procedure (awaiting confirmation)
17.05-17.30 Discussion. Moderator: Joanna Szymonek, NSZZ Solidarność  (tbc)
17.30 -17.45 Closing remarks and acknowledgments.

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