kwi 25 2017

Webinarium: Skills for a sustainable future

Lokalizacja: On-line,

STEM professions are the future of tomorrow’s sustainability. STEM-related jobs cover everything from the natural world, to energy production, transportation and healthcare and all contribute to a sustainable future. The current generation of young people are increasingly seeking careers that have a positive societal and environmental impact.

Yet, at the same time, Europe is facing an unprecedented skills gap in STEM-related professions. To attract more youth to STEM careers, making the link with sustainability can be a real asset. To address this topic, this webinar will discuss how STEM careers can be the solution for today´s youth in their quest to find meaningful jobs and how companies are key drivers in making this happen.

Join this webinar to find out:

  • How young people perceive the future of work and sustainability
  • How STEM careers can be an attractive pathway for young people
  • Best practices and key challenges of partnerships