lis 28 2023

WEBINAR – Human Rights Due Diligence in the Logistic Sector

Lokalizacja: On-line,

The aim a webinar run by Responsible Trucking Collaborative Platform is to present the results of surveys, which involved almost 1000 drivers, 40+ suppliers of logistic services and 50+ facilities. It deals with due diligence waiving with regard to logistic sector

As regulatory requirements and social awareness of corporate human rights responsibilities continue to rise, there is a growing need for companies to conduct a human rights risk analysis of their suppliers. Due Diligence applies to materials and services suppliers, including transport companies which are the backbone of Supply Chains. The working conditions in logistics companies can be tough. There’s no need to look at remote countries or exotic sectors, already in our European countries, truck drivers are facing poor working conditions with insufficient health and safety standards. Furthermore, the competition in the sector generates price dumping and time pressure.

As a result, being a truck driver is not seen as an attractive job and there is now a shortage of drivers in Europe: about 400,000 drivers should be hired to cover current market demands, while 14% of the total remains unfilled. Moreover, the workforce is aging and a  high proportion of drivers is approaching retirement, therefore the shortage will continue to rise if no action is taken.


  • Discover the main findings and results of the “Spot-Check Tool” and the “Adequate Facilities Survey”.
  • Learn more about the Responsible Trucking Collaborative Platform and its activities.
  • Learn more about the main trends and challenges of the road transport market.


  • Open to all companies from all sectors dealing with road transport in Europe


Created in 2021, Responsible Trucking is an initiative organized by CSR Europe that aims at improving the working conditions of truck drivers. The companies – both carriers and shippers – who are the members of Responsible Trucking want to steer the direction by demonstrating leadership & responsibility in a collective manner.