lip 03 2008

The Social and Environmental Responsibility World Forum in Lille France – „Feed and protect the Earth: the economic players' responsibility…”

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The Social and Environmental Responsibility World Forum will meet in Lille (France) on the 9th, 10th and 11th of October 2008 on the theme: « Feed and protect the Earth: the economic players’ responsibility… »

This World Forum bring together executives and company managers, CSR experts, students, public partners and NGOs that exchange views on international corporate « good practices » to get them to spread.

The international meeting on diversity and equal opportunity in the workplace, organised as part of this Forum, gathered in October 2007 not far from 2,000 attendees, among which high level international speakers.

Why attend ?
1. To exchange BEST PRACTICE
„Think is good, Act is better”: the World Forum Lille is not just a “think tank” but defines itself first and foremost as a “do tank”, an operational experts network. The Forum will present hundreds of concrete examples of corporate „Best Practice ».

Lille’s World Forum gives you the opportunity to debate with high level speakers : last year for instance, our speakers included a Nobel Peace Prize winner, the Secretary General of the International Trade Union Confederation together with top level corporate representatives.This year will be no different  with corporate leaders of companies such as Coca Cola, EDF Energy, Bonduelle, Danone and Natura having already confirmed their attendance !

Economic actors and experts in CSR are coming from all over the world. You will have plenty of opportunities to network between the conferences and workshops with other CSR business representatives and get concrete answers to the issues you are addressing.

4. A flexible Programme TO MEET YOUR NEEDS
Organise your own purpose-built programme between the plenary sessions and  wide range of workshops on different issues, so as to focus on the “Best Practices” most relevant to your professional concerns.

The World Forum Lille is a unique opportunity to confront your views to very different conceptions about sustainable development. Thanks to best practice testimonials from countries with different cultures and constructive criticism from young people from all over the world.