maj 14 2007

The Guardian Climate Change Summit 2007

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Climate change is one of the greatest economic, social and political issues of our time. It will affect not only us, but future generations and we need to act now to combat the causes, and adapt to the dramatic changes we will see in the world around us.This summit provides an opportunity for business and the public sector to come together and learn from climate change experts, senior government professionals and industry leaders.

Why attend the Guardian Climate Change Summit 2007?

As a delegate at The Guardian Climate Change Summit you will:
•Prepare for the impact climate change will have on your business models
•Engage with central government to lead the battle against climate change
•Create maximum impact by understanding where to invest your resources
•Discover how to grow your business in a low carbon economy
•Explore how to involve consumers and employees through effective communication
•Understand the impact of your organisation by calculating your true carbon footprint
•Discover how your business can benefit from green credentials
•Share challenges and explore solutions with others in your sector