mar 19 2010

Social Media and Stakeholder Engagement

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19 marca w Londynie Justmeans organizuje konferencję „Social Media and Stakeholder Engagement” dotyczącą wpływu, jaki wywierają media społecznościowe na angażowanie interesariuszy w rozważania dotyczące zrównoważonego rozwoju firm.

Termin: 19 marca 2010 r.
The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London EC1Y 4SD


8:30AM – Registration and Coffee
8:45AM – Opening Remarks
Martin Smith, CEO, Justmeans
Deb Berman, Managing Director, Justmeans

9:00AM – 10:10AM – Empowered Stakeholders and the New Dialogue
Customers, employees, activists, and other stakeholders are demanding far more from companies than ever before. Empowered by social media technologies, these stakeholders have significant control over companies’ brand value propositions. In the new world of social media and citizenship, authenticity and transparency are paramount. What are some of the key lessons learned by companies that have entered the world of social media marketing? What were some of the blunders companies faced? How can exposure to the risks of social media engagement be minimalized?

Moderator:  Lee Bryant, Co-Founder and Director, Headshift
Speakers: Jean-Philippe Renaut, Manager, Engaging Stakeholders Program, SustainAbility
Bjorn Edlund, Executive Vice President, Communications at Royal Dutch Shell plc 2005-2010
Tim Callington, Communications Consultant, Edelman.

10:10AM – 11:00AM – Workshop – Getting to Plan A
Robert Nuttall was Head of Internal Communications for Marks & Spencer and played a key role in devising and implementing the internal and external brand and communications strategy for ‘Plan A’, one of the most comprehensive and acclaimed corporate sustainability programmes in the UK. In this session, Nuttall will explore both his work as a practitioner in designing and executing a consumer focused sustainability strategy while also offering perspective from his current work as an advisor to leading companies.

Speaker:  Robert Nuttall, Director, GreenMandate

11:00AM – 11:25AM – Networking Break

11:25AM – 12:25PM – Empowering Employees
Social media can inspire employees and generate new ideas when it is used as a collaboration tool.  Communication is no longer limited to a one-way delivery of information; organisations are participating in two-way dialogues and using social media to engage employees in innovative ways. How do you engage employees, create a shared vision, increase productivity and derive benefits from increased employee engagement? Many companies are increasingly concerned about the risks of social media and are reluctunt to introduce it into their organisations.  How do you introduce and embrace the utilization of social media with proper planning and guidelines to ensure success and employee advocates?

Moderator:  Jon Ingham, Executive Consultant, Social Advantage
Speakers: Tim Johns, VP Corporate Communications, Unilever, Ed Gillespie, Co-Founder, Futerra

12:25PM – 1:30PM – Lunch and Networking

1:30PM – 2:40PM – How Social Media is Redefining Activism
Social media has heightened awareness and promoted causes that might not otherwise receive attention. ‘Digital Activism’ means communities can take collective action using social media tools and help campaigns go viral. Due to its scope, digital activism can influence consumer and marketing trends and companies are facing increasing pressure from individuals, communities, NGOs, and activists on a range of sustainability and responsibility issues. How are non-profits using social media to support and promote their cause and engage communities? Can social media create social change? Or does it only reinforce action in the real world? Is digital media a good platform for generating awareness and organizing people?

Moderator:  Marcia Stepanek, Publisher, Cause Global
Speakers: Dr. Dan McQuillan, Head of Digital, Enterprise UK, and Co-founder, Social innovation Camp, Renate Nyborg, Founder, Madhouse Collective

2:40PM – 3:05PM Networking Break
3:05PM – 4:05PM –   Getting the Message Out
Is the Press Release dead?  Are CSR Reports dead?  Media has shifted from top down editorial control to bottom up, consumer controlled content.  How do you make sure your message is heard in the new media atmosphere?

Moderator: Jo Confino, Executive Editor and Head of Sustainable Development, Guardian News and Media
Speakers: Neville Hobson, Head of Social Media Europe, WeisComm Group, Deb Berman, Managing Director, Justmeans

4:05PM – 5:05PM – Building Customer Communities
Social media has led to a power transfer which has resulted in consumer driven communication.  This panel will look at the importance of customer engagement through social media.  Panelists will explore how crowd sourcing ideas can help guide product development and the opportunities and pitfalls of customer engagement through social media.

Moderator: Antony Mayfield, Head of Social Media, iCrossing UK
Speakers: James Farrar, Vice President Sustainability, SAP, Stuart Handley, EMEA Communications Director, Dell, Amit Mehra, Managing Director, Reuters Market Lite

5:05PM – 5:15PM – Closing Remarks. Martin Smith, CEO, Justmeans