mar 21 2011

Social Business Conference: Vision Summit 2011

Lokalizacja: Świat,

W dniach 7-9 kwietnia w Poczdamie odbędzie się konferencja Social Business Conference: Vision Summit 2011 pod hasłem „Don’t Wait. Innovate! Generating Social and Business Innovators”.

The aims of this year’s event are threefold:

  1. Creating a new way of exchange of experiences with more than 150 of the most experienced and successful practitioners in about 50 workshops and 20 „Stimulus-Events” on the two conference days;
  2. Developing a new culture of social innovation with the method of Design Thinking in an all-day workshop;
  3. Integrating the activities of Social Entrepreneurship, Social Business, Sustainable Economy and CSR to an intelligent link between economy and social responsibility, with the objective to build up a strong movement of Social Impact Business across Europe and beyond.

To achieve these worthwhile aims, the Genisis Institute, the main organiser of the Vision Summit, is collaborating with Ashoka, the global association of leading social entrepreneurs; the Hasso Plattner Institute – School of Design Thinking; the Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance; and the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Potsdam.