mar 27 2007

Partnerships for Sustainable Development – Oslo

Lokalizacja: Świat,

Conference on Good Governance and Social and Environmental Responsibility.

Sustainable development has been on the global agenda for more than two decades and is reaching new levels of urgency in this era of unprecedented economic growth. As the global economy continues to expand at a rapid pace, how can we ensure the needs of future generations are taken into account? As business and technology make creative and technological advances, how can we best utilise these advances for sustainability?

The past decade has seen the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda increasingly take centre stage within the business community. The Oslo Conference aims to take the ongoing debate about business and sustainability beyond just CSR by providing a platform for an integrated approach comprising key players from government, business, academia,  trade-unions and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Being an official intersessional event to the CSD15, the Oslo Conference on good governance and social and environmental responsibility will address a broad range of sustainability issues. It has been inspired by the belief that broad dialogue and inclusive partnerships are  key  to successful implementation and innovation.

The Oslo Conference will be an innovative and challenging event on the crucial challenges facing business and sustainability today: Can we continue to operate as we always have, or do we need to think and act in radically different ways?

The conference host is the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with United Nations Global Compact, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, United Nations Environment Programme, the Global Reporting Initiative, the UN Comission on Sustainable Development, the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment and the City of Oslo.