cze 20 2013

Międzynarodowa Konferencja: Beyond Business as Usual. CSR Trends

Lokalizacja: Polska,



W dniach 20-21 czerwca 2013 r. w Łodzi odbędzie się międzynarodowa konferencja naukowa “Beyond Business as Usual. CSR Trends” organizowana przez Wydział Zarządzania Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego we współpracy z Fundacją CSR Impact. Wydarzenie poświęcone zostanie najnowszym trendom i zjawiskom w obszarze społecznej odpowiedzialności przedsiębiorstw.

The role of business in society is changing. Business is less and less described only through the prism of economic categories. Increasingly it is a source of innovations that can help to solve important social and environmental problems. The concept of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) brings an important contribution to this picture of business. CSR has an increasing impact on shaping the relationship between business and society. One can observe the development of a number of topics related to corporate responsibility which will be probably dominant trends of enterprises’ strategy in the near future.

The ability to establish intersectoral cooperation, knowledge of rules governing the communication utilizing social media tools, integration of various business sectors to improve environmental and social performance and the ability to create business models that generate value for the various stakeholders are some of the major challenges that businesses face today.

Both scientists and entrepreneurs are kindly invited to participate in the conference. We are going to discuss the direction in which the business should aim to go beyond the existing attitude of Business as Usual. We would like to create an opportunity to share research results and conclusions from an implementation and a development of corporate social responsibility in the current economic conditions.

If you are interested in attending the conference, we therefore kindly invite you to submit proposal of paper addressing the following areas:

  • The role of ESG reporting including issue of mandatory reporting,
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in the supply chain,
  • Social media and CSR,
  • New Business Models taking into account a shared value creation, and other concepts focused on multiple value creation,
  • Intersectoral cooperation,
  • Responsible management education (including a role of PRME),
  • Sector oriented initiatives focused on CSR promotion.

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