lis 23 2007

Green Strategy 2007

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(Re)formulate your response to climate change

The conference is divided into 6 sections:

Macro analysis: The macro environmental factors influencing organisational responses to climate change

Case Studies: Feedback on the success and problems of high profile corporate sustainability projects

The Business Case: Advice on constructing and selling the business case to your organisation.

Your product: Ideas on adapting, reforming and innovating your products and services.

Operational sustainability: A guide to creating internally sustainable operations.

Change: Experience and recommendations on instigating change.

Speakers include:

  • Jeremy Leggett, CEO – Solar Century – Climate Change Guru
  • Peter Head, Director – Arup
  • Richard Barrington, Head of Public Policy – Sun Microsystems
  • Dr Stewart Davies, Commissioner – Sustainable Development Commission
  • Jon Williams, Head of Group Sustainable Development – HSBC plc
  • Mike Barry, Head of Sustainable Development – Marks & Spencer
  • Dr Martin Blake, Head of Social Responsibility – Royal Mail Group plc
  • David Ferguson, Head of Sustainability – EDF Energy
  • Andrew Jones, Head of Energy Management – Boots plc

Plus contributions from: National Express, Future Real, PIRA, The ABI, BLL, SAB Miller, The NHS