sty 16 2008

Green Business

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The London Business Forum, presents Green Business: How companies can profit from customer demands for greener products.

A morning with Karen Fraser, founder of the Ethical Reputation Index on Wednesday 20 February 2008 from 9:30 am – 12:00 pm at The Lewis Media Centre, London.

Who really cares about green issues – and are customers willing to put their money where their mouth is? The focus on ethical and environmental change raises a number of questions that businesses must answer in order to stay competitive.

  • Is it enough to be 'seen to be green’, or does it need a change in approach to business?
  • How do companies meet the challenge of higher public expectations while creating value for shareholders?
  • Where is the greatest risk for companies and what should companies do to minimize risk?
  • Is there money in green – and if so, where is it?
  • What is the key to Marks and Spencer’s success – and what lessons can companies learn from their example?

Karen Fraser, founder of the Ethical Reputation Index and adviser to clients including Co-operative Bank and Body Shop, will use her expertise to answer these questions and tell you what your organization can do to change the way your company is seen by shareholders and customers alike.