lis 22 2012

Global Conference on Sustainability and Reporting – Amsterdam

Lokalizacja: Świat,

W dniach 22-24 maja 2013 r. w Amsterdamie odbędzie się konferencja „Global Conference on Sustainability and Reporting” organizowana przez Global Reporting Initiative.

Termin: 22-24 maja 2013 r.

Miejsce: Amsterdam, Holandia

Conference Theme


Information is the foundation of GRI’s work. Economic, environmental and social change is creating the need for better information – to increase transparency, empower stakeholders, and help find solutions to our sustainability challenges.

Supported by new technologies, markets are already big information users. But there is an urgent need to join-up and optimize these data and results. Companies and investors need more and better sustainability information to assess risk, measure performance, and identify opportunities. Governments and consumers need it to make policy and purchasing decisions.

How should we use information – including that generated by GRI’s Framework – to take the right steps? And how can different players shape the information field to get the best outcomes? Understanding information trends will be a key component of the first day of the Conference, setting the agenda for the days to come.


The successful company of tomorrow will have an integrated strategy to achieve financial results and create lasting value for itself, its stakeholders and society.

Integrated thinking will enable companies to factor sustainability into their operations, business models, and measures of success. Integrated reporting aims to bridge the gap between financial and non-financial performance. And collaboration between organizations and stakeholders, across sectors and regions, will mean that shared values and best practices can accelerate change towards a sustainable global economy.

By integrating the learning from the Conference, participants will also be inspired to act and interact: leading to a new call for action, and supporting a new mandate for GRI.


Achieving a sustainable global economy is an innovation challenge. Organizations and companies worldwide need to be innovative in the way they are managed and do business. Stakeholder engagement, organizational responsibilities, value creation, community engagement: in these and other areas, many leaders are already showing the way.

Conference participants will be invited to explore today’s key sustainability challenges, offer solutions, and co-design the future.

Innovation also underpins the continuous improvement of GRI’s Sustainability Reporting Framework. The Conference will see the launch of the new G4 Guidelines, providing organizations and companies with a new resource for measuring sustainability, improving transparency, and defining responsibility.