lut 12 2008

Global Anti-corruption, Compliance and Ethics USA 2008

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How to effectively develop and manage your corporate compliance and ethics programs.

At the conference you’ll gain cutting edge knowledge on:

  • How to manage risk: Find out about new emerging risks – and learn how to successfully deal with existing ones
  • Getting it done: Hear how the world’s leading companies are putting theory into action – what do they know that you don’t?
  • Tools of the trade: Discover the latest and compelling tactics and technologies that will help you deliver a powerful compliance and ethics culture
  • New opportunities: Learn how to make your compliance leaner and more effective
  • The value of reputation: What it means for winning more business

Corporate corruption scandals have increased drastically over the last few years throughout the United States. High profile cases are now regularly reported in the global media and continue to highlight the massive risks for both the companies and the executives involved. It is no wonder that many US companies are now taking the lead on developing their anti-corruption programs and policies.

However, anti-corruption policies and programmes mean very little without the foundation of an effective and robust compliance and ethics infrastructure. This is especially true when your organisation is operating globally. So how do you develop and role out a successful anti-corruption, compliance and ethics programme?

This conference will cover everything you need to know to develop and manage an integrated and global Anti-corruption, Ethics and Compliance programme. Practical solutions including the latest tools, technologies and training methods from many of the worlds leading organisations. The event provides a powerful forum for the sharing of information with numerous networking opportunities available to clarify this often complex area.

Topics covered will include:

  • Developing a modern anti-corruption policy and programme
  • Governing bodies and bribe payments
  • Upholding an effective gift and hospitality policy
  • Compliance, ethics and corporate responsibility
  • Countering bribery
  • Creating a values based culture
  • Collective action
  • Anti-corruption monitoring and training
  • The regulatory landscape
  • Tackling fraud in financial institutions
  • Developing values and codes
  • Launching a global ethics and compliance program
  • Effective auditing
  • Board level buy in
  • SOX in Europe
  • Ethics training
  • Self disclosure
  • Supply chain management
  • Managing corruption in emerging markets
  • Whistle Blowing