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Designing a Sustainable Future

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Business for Social Responsibility understands that to shape a truly sustainable future for business and society, it is essential to consciously design innovative strategies to get there. A reactive approach, or one focused on isolated best practices, won’t deliver the results we want and need. A sustainable future depends on integrated, comprehensive solutions at the ever-changing intersection of business and society.

The 2007 BSR Conference will provide information, connections and inspiration to help you meet these challenges with an agenda and speakers that zero in on future-focused strategies. Three days of rich dialogue and debate focusing both on „Practical Steps” and „New Insights” make the BSR Conference an essential forum in which we can begin to design a sustainable future.

About the Conference

The BSR Annual Conference reflects exciting examples of sustainability in practice, and also serves as a catalyst for new ideas and initiatives that will shape a more sustainable future. By attending BSR’s 2007 Conference, October 23-26, in San Francisco, you will learn about the shape of things to come, and innovative strategies and designs for the future we wish to build.

The conference, the largest global gathering dedicated to corporate responsibility, provides unparalleled opportunities to:

  • MEET other business leaders who are designing products, services, business models and partnerships to build business success that also delivers value for society.
  • DIALOGUE with leading opinion formers from the NGO, public policy and academic spheres from more than 40 countries who are shaping the relationship between business and society
  • DISCOVER emerging trends that will shape your company’s future