kwi 11 2007

CSR Summit

Lokalizacja: Świat,

The 4th CSR Summit, which takes place at the Dusit Hotel in Dubai on 24 – 28 June, will highlight the need for regional corporations to 'look at the bigger picture’ in terms of their approach to CSR.

The Middle East region is renowned for its philanthropy. Zakat (giving money to the less fortunate in society) is one of the five pillars of Islam and engrained in Muslim society, but CSR has so much more to offer. Globally, CSR is aligned and integrated with business strategy and with regional bourses losing US$ 460 billion in market capitalisation last year the corporate Middle East needs to employ these principles. Stakeholders now want to be associated with businesses that support a whole range of social or environmental benefits, which is a challenge today for all corporate cultures to absorb.

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