sty 16 2008

Corporate Governance Summit 2008 – Middle East

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Corporate Governance structures in the Middle East are slowly catching up with their counterparts in the Western world. The rapid growth of the markets and the volume of the financial transactions taking place, make it necessary for Corporate Governance processes and standards in order to ensure the future growth and stability of the market.

Steps have been made in the right direction and specialised bodies have been set up to guide the market. However, there is still a long way to go. Attend Finance IQ’s Corporate Governance Summit to:

  • Learn how to overcome challenges and implement Corporate Governance in your organisation
  • Hear success stories about increasing efficiency, growth and performance through corporate transparency
  • Learn how Corporate Governance affects your strategic decision making
  • Discover how to access new capital markets and attract international investments by improving your corporate governance standards

Last, but not least, hear about the changes and updates of Corporate Governance regulations in the region how these changes affect YOUR business and how ensure stable and sustainable growth

Event Location: Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Dubai, UAE

The summit will start on 18th February and last untill 21st February.