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A Conversation On The Future Of The CSR Movement

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You are invited to join Steve Brant in London on Wednesday January 9, 2008 from 9am – 5pm for A Conversation On The Future Of The Corporate Social Responsibility Movement.

This is a pre-conference workshop leading up to the World Entrepreneurship Summit ( – January 10-11). Steve is speaking at WES08 on social and sustainable entrepreneurship.

(NOTE: Participants in this workshop will be eligible for a reduced rate to attend the World Entrepreneurship Summit. Details will be sent with your workshop registration acknowledgment.)

This will be an information-filled and participatory day – a true conversation, not a lecture – designed to (a) explore the leading edge of this critically important movement is, (b) help you understand how your organization can benefit from championing CSR’s leading edge, and (c) start you on the road towards using the insights you gain to benefit your personal and organizational strategic planning activities.

Through his focus on innovation and design-oriented thinking, Steve will show how the corporate social responsibility movement can expand beyond helping stop the bad things that exist in society today to helping start the good, new things society needs to begin doing as well. One key to this future: seeing the CSR movement from a whole system perspective. This perspective leads (among other things) to including the UN’s Millennium Development Goals and the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development in one’s strategic thinking.

As the late management guru Peter Drucker once said, „We are getting better and better at doing the wrong things. We need to start doing the right things, even if we do them poorly at first.” Viewing CSR’s future from a whole system perspective is the right thing to do.

Steve led this workshop at The Penn Club in New York City on November 16th and presented his related, transformational vision for the CSR movement at the International Center for Corporate Accountability’s „Globalization and the Good Corporation” conference in NYC on June 27th. This will be Steve’s inaugural program in London.

The cost for the day will be £125 (Corporate) and £99 (Non-Profit/NGO). You can register at the event website shown on this event announcement. Please note that the costs to register have been converted to US Dollars on that registration site. And lunch will an additional charge, paid separately when you place your order at the beginning of the day from The Hoxton’s restaurant.

To insure everyone gets to participate in the conversation and interact with Steve to the greatest extent possible, this workshop will be limited in size to no more than about 15 people.