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CSR Ukraine

CSR Ukraine is an expert organization in Ukraine, uniting more than 40 large companies, together with which it has been promoting the principles of sustainable business and social responsibility for ten years, implementing its own social projects, providing consultations, seminars and trainings on CSR issues and reports for both private companies and public authorities. It is a national partner of CSR Europe (Brussels, Belgium) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (Geneva, Switzerland). www.csr-ukraine.org

At the CSR Fair we would like:

  • to represent those of our current projects which would be relevant for the visitors of the event
  • to invite the visitors to become participants or supporters of some of our projects
  • to demonstrate the corporate social responsibility of Ukrainian business and its contribution into supporting Ukraine during the war
  • to represent Ukraine and spread the information about the importance of standing with Ukraine during its fight against russian aggression

To achieve those tasks, we would like to create stands about the following projects: 

Catalogue of Business Contribution to Ukraine’s Victory

The CSR Ukraine has created the first Catalogue of Business Contribution to Ukraine’s Victory, which already includes more than 300 companies. You can find the Catalogue here: https://csr-ukraine.org/catalog-actions-of-companies-in-the-russian-ukrainian-war/

A stand will include a short review of the Catalogue, infographics, descriptions of the most interesting support cases.

Pact for Ukrainians

We call on companies, educational institutions, international institutions and NGOs to join the Pact for Ucrainians in order to develop partnership for employment of Ukrainians abroad. The Pact will combine the efforts of companies on the search of Ukrainian employees and bring together organisations which are ready to provide  mentorship, career counselling and employment for Ukrainians.

A stand will include information about the Pact and ways to join it; we are planning to spread the booklets and invite the companies to join the Pact, and invite individuals to become mentors for Ukrainians.


We are creating U_WE_Hubs (Ukrainian women empowerment hubs) in Europe for women who left Ukraine because of the war in order to help them to gain financial independence and rebuild their lives by creating their own business and building soft skills.

A stand will include information about the project; currently we are searching for partners among business hubs in Poland, so we will be spreading the word about it.

Sustainability Marathon

In June we are organising a 24-hour web-a-thon to explore how we recalibrate a better future and raise money for Ukraine. The event will include people from all parts of the world and from all sectors: business, civil society, government, academia and the media.

A stand will include information about the event and an invitation to join it.


We have gathered the artworks of Ukrainian children on the topic of war and Ukraine after the war. Currently we are creating an online and printed collection of these artworks and gathering money for re-creating STEM studios in Ukrainian schools that have suffered from war and russian occupation.
A stand will be a photo area made of the drawings of children. It will also include the QR code so the visitors will be able to donate for the education of Ukrainian children. We would also like to distribute among the visitors the postcards with the drawings and the QR code for donations.

Managing Director: Maryna Saprykina,  ms@csr-ukraine.org

Webpage:  https://csr-ukraine.org/