Responsible business in Poland 2019. English Summary

Responsible business in Poland 2019. English Summary

Autorzy: Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu

Data i miejsce wydania: Warszawa 2020

“Responsible business in Poland 2019. Good practices” Report is a summary of the activities undertaken by companies, institutions and non-governmental organizations in the domain of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. Report is an abstract of all the events that took place last year in Poland, in regard to these issues. A core element of the publication are corporate good practices – this year Report contains 1696 good practices from areas in according to ISO 26000 standard: Organizational governance, Human rights, Labour practices, The environment, Fair operating practices, Consumer issues, Community involvement and development. They are inspiring examples of principles of responsibility application in all sections of business – in the workplace, towards market, society, and environment. In addition, the Report contains articles and experts’ statements, analysis, opinions and review of last year events, research results review, and press publications overview.

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