Report on Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices 2014

Report on Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices 2014

We are happy to present you with the new edition of the report “Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices.” This year, we had to close the registration for the Report communication event within a few days, because as it turned out, we did not have enough space to accommodate all interested people; of course, we felt awfully sorry about that. And although we are unable to meet all of you, it is very heartening to know that the Responsible Business Forum initiative, now more than a decade old, is still in demand. This is obviously important for both RBF employees and the supporting companies – the Strategic Partners of the Responsible Business Forum.

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It is also important since, contrary to pessimistic scenarios heralding the fall of the idea of corporate social responsibility, so many businesses perceive this idea as valuable. More and more companies join us, willing to have their practices described in the report “Responsible Business in Poland”. Although in many cases this is surely just a small step towards the fully fledged CSR, it still raises hope that the responsible business in Poland will develop further. This is particularly important for us in the jubilee year of the Responsible Business Forum, while you and us together are looking back at the fifteen years marked by cooperation and building a Partnership for CSR in Poland. Over that period, together, we have created a community of people who not only deal with responsible business in their professional life, but also hold a personal belief that business has a key role to play in addressing the challenges and solving the problems of the modern world – poverty, fighting for human rights, management of natural resources, climate protection. They are convinced that it is advisable and wise to look for various opportunities – sectoral and intersectoral partnerships that will help overcome those challenges. Fifteen years ago, a small group of companies decided to join their forces and form the Responsible Business Forum to look for better solutions and inspirations as a team. Over the next years, the figure has gone up to more than a hundred. Cooperation and partnership are the key words for responsible business and
reflect the essence of RBF’s activities. The preparation of the Good Practice Report has been an  important part of that effort for more than a decade.

“Responsible Business in Poland 2014. Good Practice” is still in demand and needed. This is evidenced, in particular, by the number of practices that you have sent to us. We recorded an increase again in this year’s edition – to 419. There are a lot more long-term practices than in previous years, too – as many as 264. The Responsible Business Forum received information from 124 companies representing virtually all sectors of the economy and various scales of operation: large, medium-sized and small companies from all over Poland. Therefore, the report is in a way a reflection of responsible business in Poland in 2014. Invariably, companies are most active in the area of civic involvement – we collected as many as 186 examples in this year’s edition. Another area popular with the business sector are labour and environmental practices: 84 and 50 examples, respectively. The number of practices relating to human rights reflected in the report shows how much needs to be done yet in this area – there are only 14 examples of such practices. There is still a very strong need for new solutions in the field of fair operating practices and consumer issues, represented by 29 and 21 examples, respectively. Therefore, it is all the more advisable to draw inspiration from the experience of other companies shown in the report.

As usual, our publication is accompanied by interesting introductory articles, and an overview of the highlights of the past year. In this edition, I would like to strongly encourage you to read the exceptionally extensive review of the year 2014 by Mirella Panek-Owsiańska, CEO of RBF. Interestingly, this article is the outcome of cooperation between Mirella and several people who are particularly active on the CSR scene in Poland and – as we might say – contribute to its overall picture. This way, we have the opportunity to present truly important initiatives in this otherwise subjective review, including those that have not gained enough publicity yet.