Report on Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices 2010

Report on Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices 2010

Autorzy: Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu

The year 2010 will remain in our memories as the year of social and political catastrophes and natural disasters. This could not be without impact on businesses, which spontaneously initiated emergency actions offering help of their staff as well as substantial financial support.

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For the 9th edition of the Report entitled “Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practice”, we received a record number of entries, out of which we selected 117 good practices from the areas such as Workplace, Market, Environment, Society and Management & Reporting. Showing some trends followed by companies, we also created four general headings based on a total of 48 good practices, devoted to Corporate Volunteering, Preventive Healthcare, Support for Flood Victims and EcoOffice. The report also contains summaries of the year 2010 written by representatives of business, public administration,
trade unions and NGOs, as well as by scientists, researchers, and common Internet users. For the second time, we collected the results of scientific studies conducted in 2010.

In 2010, the global economy started its slow recovery from the crisis, but despite President Obama’s reforms, the unemployment rate in the US reached 9%. Even the model and recognised CSR strategies and procedures of BP did not prevent the largest eco-disaster in the US history, namely the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The international community jointly responded to the devastation caused by the earthquakes in China and Haiti, and the flood in Pakistan. As many as 73 million people visited Expo in Shanghai, and Aung San Suu Kyi, long-time political dissident imprisoned in Burma, was finally
released by the regime. A cloud of volcanic dust paralysed flight traffic over Europe, hitting the travel and air industry. The public opinion grew excited over the successful attempt to release the trapped miners in Chile, though neglecting to look deeper at the accountability of the mine authorities. Millions of devoted fans of Steve Jobs welcomed iPad, the new baby of the IT giant Apple, which has yet failed to publish a comprehensive social report and seems indifferent to cases of violation of human rights in its production facilities.

Poland hosted a number of meetings and conferences related to the issue of corporate social responsibility. Postgraduate studies in CSR welcomed their first alumni. The Stock Exchange modified the Respect Index, and the Polish Ministry of Economy co-ordinated the work of the Corporate Social Responsibility Team and Workgroups, which developed recommendations to the government strategies.

For the Responsible Business Forum, this was the year of celebrating the 10th anniversary of its existence. During the formal ceremony, we honoured our long-term partners, summed up our achievements and talked about CSR development in Poland in the last decade. We welcomed nine new
partner companies. Several hundred of people participated in the discussion on responsible business devoted to fair trade and recycling, and in the conference on CSR 2.0. We had 28 participants share their experience at the 3rd edition of CSR Market Place hosted by the University of Warsaw Library, during which we also presented the results of the research on sustainable chain of supplies, conducted in Poland for the first time. Visitors had the opportunity to listen to John Grant, the author of The Green Marketing Manifesto and participate in a number of seminars. Thanks to the work of our Strategic Partners in Workgroups, the vortal was developed, containing practical tools, guidelines and materials related to co-operation with stakeholders. The 6th edition of the Responsible Business League ended giving way to the 7th edition of that student-oriented project. Working with Pomerania Development Agency, IUC Kalmar län – Industrial Development Centre and the Pomeranian Chamber of Handicrafts for Small and Medium Enterprises, we launched the CSR project for SME in the Pomeranian Province. For the fourth time, we co-organised the CSR Ranking and the Social Reports contest. Along with GoodBrand & Company Poland, we conducted a research among Polish managers – the results of the research were published in the report Managers 500/CSR Leader as a follow-up to a similar study of 2003. We trained over 150 representatives of non-governmental organisations in 5 cities, sharing with them our experience in cooperation with business. We offered our patronage to many
conferences and initiatives, and supported as a professional partne) the post-graduate course in the J. Tischner European University and the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW).