Promoting parenting among male employees

Promoting parenting among male employees

Autorzy: ORSE (Observatory of Corporate Social Responsibility), CNIDFF (French National Information Centre on the Rights of Women and Families)

Data i miejsce wydania: 2008

As part of their commitment and actions aimed at promoting equal opportunity, ORSE (Observatory of Corporate Social Responsibility) and CNIDFF (French National Information Centre on the Rights of Women and Families) are providing companies with a guide to support their efforts to encourage greater involvement of their male employees in parenting.

The guide is intended for all those who can play a role in this field:

  • in a corporate context: human resource staff, personnel representatives, managers, etc.
  • externally, all those who can play a positive role such as public authorities, trade organizations, etc.

With a desire to capture the widest panorama possible ,of the issue of promoting parenting among male employees, without claiming to be exhaustive, the guide draws on practices implemented in companies in France and abroad, privileging those based on dialogue between the human resources department and union organizations.

The document covers the following themes:

  • challenges faced by companies promoting parenting among their male employees,
  • difficulties encountered by male employees who wish to have a greater day-to-day presence with their children,
  • solutions adopted by companies to make progress in this area.

With its practical and pedagogical approach, the guide aims to address certain concrete aspects related to each of these themes. This information is presented according to categories identifiable by specific graphics:

  • good company, union, and government practices
  • recommendations
  • presentation of systems set up in companies
  • excerpts from corporate agreements negotiated over issues of equal opportunity

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