CSR Ukraine and Career Hub platform in collaboration with SAP is starting a mentoring program for Ukrainians abroad, Mentorship for Ukrainians (M4U). It is an opportunity for companies and their employees to support Ukrainians that had to leave Ukraine due to the escalation of russian aggression against Ukraine. Currently, more than 4 million citizens had to flee Ukraine.

Aim of the program is to provide Ukrainians with an opportunity to look into the job market of a certain country and ease the process of their professional and personal integration after the relocation.

Mentors of the program can be the representatives and professionals from different companies (small, medium and large) from different countries.

Who can be a mentor: We are inviting employees of responsible companies, working with the topics of sustainability, diversity and inclusions and mentorship to become mentors for the Ukrainian that had to flee Ukraine because of war. Mentors will participate in the M4U Program pro bono.

Mentorship process: The format will allow for informal offline meetings over coffee to discuss currently pressing questions that Ukrainians might have upon relocation into a certain country. Online meetings are possible as well. It’s recommended to have at least 3 meetings both offline and online between a mentor and a mentee. Mentors are welcome to invite their mentees for informal talks, networking events and share any sort of professional information related to internship, educational or employment opportunities whilst abroad. Participation in the program doesn’t include financial assistance for a mentee.

Main mentorship topics: 

  • Employment opportunities (sharing information about vacancies, internships etc);
  • Professional networking (inviting Ukrainians in your professional sphere of operation or business-association for further collaboration);
  • Integration (life abroad, social and personal questions about adaptation). 

Mentorship program period: May – June 2022.

The mentees will be: 

  • over 18 and had to leave Ukraine after 24th of February 2022.
  • currently located abroad and are seeking professional or adaptation advice.

Registration for companies and mentors is now open until 30th of April 2022 via the following link:  https://bit.ly/3v7p3G0

After the registration you will be contacted with the details about the first introductory meeting with Q&A session. Later the mentorship program will be divided into country programs.

Contact person: Yuliia Mazurok, Project coordinator,  ym@csr-ukraine.org 


Mentorship for Ukrainians (M4U) Program is a transformation of Girls for STEM mentorship program which has been financed by SAP.