Responsible business in Poland 2019. English Summary

“Responsible business in Poland 2019. Good practices” Report is a summary of the activities undertaken by companies, institutions and non-governmental organizations in the domain of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.


The Responsible Business Forum in Poland joins the international “Upskill 4 Future” project

Polish employers must swiftly adapt to a new reality by supporting vulnerable workers with upskilling pathways. This is the aim of the new project entitled “Upskill 4 Future”, coordinated by CSR Europe with the support of J.P. Morgan in four EU Member States. In Poland, it is being implemented by the Responsible Business Forum.


CEOs urged to push governments to reverse nature loss as a part of green recovery plans

31 NGOs and business groups including the International Chamber of Commerce, WWF, We Mean Business, United Nations Global Compact, the IUCN and Business for Nature, with Responsible Business Forum onboard, have published a letter calling on CEOs to push governments to include ambitious policies to reverse nature loss as part of green recovery plans.


Nature is everyone’s business. Register now for global leadership event on 15 June

On 15 June, Business for Nature – alongside the World Economic Forum, WBCSD, ICC, UN Global Compact and the IUCN – is hosting the first major global leadership event to discuss nature and its vital role in building a resilient future in a post-coronavirus world. Responsible Business Forum in Poland is a member of BfN coalition.


The natural environment and new social challenges – how is responsible business changing? Release of the “Responsible Business in Poland 2019. Good Practices” report

This is the 18th edition of the “Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices” report, and another one presenting more practices than previously. The number of CSR activities presented in this annual publication of the Responsible Business Forum has increased by around 10 percent, reaching 1700 – a record-breaking number in the history of the report. The report was released on 16 April this year via the website:


Corporate social and environmental responsibility event

Companies, organisations and institutions will showcase their best practices, products and services supporting CSR and sustainable development during the 8th edition of the CSR Marketplace organised by the Responsible Business Forum. The event will bring together beneficiaries of CSR initiatives, businesspeople, experts, and members of the academic community, as well as NGO, public administration and media representatives. The CSR event will take place on 29 October 2020 in the EXPO XXI centre in Warsaw. The admission to both the exhibition and the conference is free (  


Join the 8th CSR Marketplace as an exhibitor

Every two years, the Responsible Business Forum organises the largest CSR and sustainable development event in Poland. The next, eight edition of the CSR Marketplace will be held on 29 October 2020 at the EXPO XXI Centre in Warsaw (FREE ADMISSION for visitors). The registration of exhibitors – companies, organisations, and institutions willing to present and communicate their activities and achievements in an attractive form – is under way.


Business for Nature in Davos: Businesses call for policies that place nature at the heart of the global economy

On January 21 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Business for Nature – a global coalition of influential organizations and forward-thinking businesses, with Responsible Business Forum onboard – is calling for concrete action from governments to deliver a new deal for nature and people. 2020 provides a historic opportunity as world leaders and governments come together at several key moments to determine the planet’s future.


LPP and Santander Bank Polska with main prizes in the CSR Reports Competition

6 companies received awards in the 13th edition of the Competition that seeks to reward the best reports on corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. The main category winners were: LPP – the award for the best integrated report – and Santander Bank Polska – the award for the best CSR report. The award ceremony took place in the head office of the Warsaw Stock Exchange on 21 October. The competition is organized by the Responsible Business Forum Association and Deloitte Polska.


English Summary: “Responsible business in Poland 2018” Report

The report „Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices”, which is the largest CSR review in Poland has been published for the 17th time. In this year’s edition of the publication, there is an increase of 30 percent both in terms of the number of submitted practices and the number of companies.