CSR Europe’s European SDG Summit Set to Unite Businesses for a Social Green Deal

3 października 2022

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CSR Europe’s third virtual edition of the European SDG Summit will unite businesses, European leaders, and representatives of civil society to accelerate action towards climate neutrality and the adoption of an inclusive approach to the green and digital transition.

Between 10-12 October, +1.000 sustainability leaders are expected to take part in the 21 virtual sessions in programme, sharing practical contributions for the implementation of a European Social and Green Deal. Highlight of the event will be thelaunch of 8 industry-led publications to empower not only the E but the S of the ESG and guarantee social fairness. Amongst them, Business for Just Transition, featuring the second edition of the European Sustainable Industry Barometer and the European Business Roadmap for Just Transition.

The Barometer 2022 shows how European sectors are positioned in terms of contributing to and managing social risks. The findings underscore the prevalence of social risk in Europe, the impacts of macrotrends, such as digitalization and the poor levels of preparedness of key sectors to the Just Transition. The Roadmap, on the other hand, stems from CSR Europe’s People Leaders Hub engagement with the European Commission and supports enterprises with methodologies and tools to embed Just Transition within their strategy and operations.

About the programme

The Summit is co-organised in collaboration with CSR Europe’s network of 100+ organisations and includes 3 high-level plenaries delivered each day between 11:30-13:00 CET:

Responsible Business Forum in Poland is a co-organisator of three European SDG roundtables:

 – The clean energy transition has serious potential for job creation and the economy, but we have to make sure that the transition is fair and inclusive. Looking at the social impact of climate and energy policy should not be an afterthought – it is fundamental. This means investing heavily and immediately in quality jobs, income support, affordable services and – above all – skilling people – said Nicolas Schmit, European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights

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