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7 lutego 2020

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Companies, organisations and institutions will showcase their best practices, products and services supporting CSR and sustainable development during the 8th edition of the CSR Marketplace organised by the Responsible Business Forum. The event will bring together beneficiaries of CSR initiatives, businesspeople, experts, and members of the academic community, as well as NGO, public administration and media representatives. The CSR event will take place on 29 October 2020 in the EXPO XXI centre in Warsaw. The admission to both the exhibition and the conference is free (  

The CSR Marketplace is held biannually. For the first time this year, it will take place at a new venue: the EXPO XXI centre in Warsaw. On 16 April visitors to the biggest CSR event in Poland will be able to explore its extensive offer. On the one hand, there will be the stands of exhibitors including companies, organisations and institutions, as well as numerous attractions available on site. On the other hand, visitors will have an opportunity to attend the accompanying conference – this year focusing on the natural environment.

– CSR is changing. Such events as the CSR Marketplace show how much more professional it has become. Various examples of activities and innovations will be showcased all in one place, and professionals with hands-on experience available on site will be happy to share their knowledge. The event is also a space for many fascinating discussions of outstanding experts and an opportunity to establish new sectoral and cross-sectoral partnerships. Each Marketplace brings new examples of this kind of cooperation ideas which are highly needed but still insufficiently implemented. We warmly invite everyone to come to the EXPO XXI centre in Warsaw on 16 April and take the unique opportunity to look at CSR from a holistic perspective, find inspiration and make new contacts – says Marzena Strzelczak, Director General, Responsible Business Forum.

The exhibition

The previous edition of the CSR Marketplace attracted almost 80 exhibitors and about 2,500 visitors. Due to the impact of CSR activities on various areas, the event has a wide target audience. Its trade fair format promotes knowledge and experience sharing between representatives of different companies, both big and small, planning to develop cooperation with bigger business entities or looking to implement their own CSR programmes.

A special invitation is extended to the beneficiaries of good CSR practices, including employees, consumers, suppliers, and local communities. The CSR Marketplace organised by the Responsible Business Forum is a national event as it brings together companies and organisations operating in different parts of the country, which present their achievements and practices in the trade fair format at the event in Warsaw.

In addition, the CSR Marketplace is a meeting place for people with hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge of the corporate social responsibility concept, offering opportunities for developing cooperation. Consequently, representatives of NGOs, public administration, academic and student communities, and the media can all benefit from actively exploring exhibitors’ stands. What is more, because of the high educational value of the CSR Marketplace, schools and universities gain the opportunity to familiarize their students with examples of the positive impact business can have on the wider environment.

The conference

The 8th CSR Marketplace will be accompanied by a conference. This year, it will focus on the natural environment. The slogan “Environment: business and natural” used for the 8th CSR Marketplace is a reminder of the relationship between business and its environment and the responsibility of the business community for the natural environment. At the same time, it shows just how broad a platform for the presentation of social, business and environmental activities and interaction between different communities the event organised by the Responsible Business Forum will be.

Visitors to the event will have an opportunity to attend panels and lectures delivered by experts in the field of CSR, sustainable development, natural environment, climate protection, circular economy, as well as the labour market, innovation, management and consumer and social issues.

The CSR Marketplace is the largest corporate social responsibility event in Poland. It has been organised by the Responsible Business Forum every two years since 2005. The aim of the event is to showcase the activities and practices of socially responsible companies, and to promote services in this area. The 7th CSR Marketplace gathered almost 80 exhibitors from across Poland. A wide range of activities and cooperation opportunities attracted about 2,500 visitors.

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