A Guide to Diversity Management Just Appeared – Press Release

9 kwietnia 2014

Warsaw, 9 April 2014

Diversity Unites Us, published by the Responsible Business Forum, discusses the subject of diversity management and presents it on the examples of companies in Poland. It is the first Polish guide to the Diversity Charter. It was officially presented during the High Level Event „Diversity management for inclusive growth” which took place in October 2013 in Warsaw. The English version of the guide has just been published.

It happens more often that employers notice that their teams are getting more diversified as regards age, gender, nationality, education, health, and family status. Many of them introduce special mechanisms which enable diversity management in the workplace. Not only does it result from their willingness to build a positive atmosphere among employees. Also, there are some business benefits of diversity management in a company, i.e. retention of qualified staff, supporting employees’ development, preventing of discrimination and mobbing, and building an image of a trustworthy and a responsible employer.

The guide entitled “Diversity Unites Us” is a summary of what has been achieved so far in the subject of diversity management in business in Poland. The Charter may no doubt become the first step to implement and order the process of diversity management in an organization. The Charter does not asses. It rather encourages, shows directions, educates, and gives tools, says Mirella Panek-Owsiańska, President of the Responsible Business Forum.

To download a PDF version of the Guide click HERE.