A Caucus to Forge Alliances for Just Transition. The CSR Europe Conference Paves the Way for a Social Green Deal

1 czerwca 2023

The CSR Europe Conference 2023, themed „A Caucus to Forge Alliances for Just Transition,” is poised to bring together European policymakers, business leaders, and key stakeholders to foster alliances that drive an inclusive approach to the green and digital transition.

Scheduled for 20th June 2023, in Brussels, from 09:30 to 17:00 CEST, this event presents a unique opportunity for businesses and regulators across Europe to gather in person and take action to address the global dependencies that have arisen from the war in Ukraine and the energy and purchasing power crisis.

Building upon the recent launch of the European Business Roadmap and Toolbox for Just Transition, CSR Europe welcomes participating stakeholders to collaborate on the EU Just Transition agenda. Attendees will also gain insights into corporate actions and advocacy opportunities for an EU policy approach that leverages front-running companies as allies. Throughout the day, stakeholders will engage in face-to-face dialogues with EU leaders who, in addition to proposing new EU sustainability regulations, can help advance the transition by making substantial investments in awareness-raising and capacity-building activities for companies and fostering collaborations for resilient workforces, customers, communities, and supply chains.

The ideas, expectations, and concerns expressed by participating stakeholders will be thoroughly considered in the development of CSR Europe’s policy position, „Towards A Social Green Deal”, which will be presented to the new EU leadership in 2024.


Organized in collaboration with CSR Europe’s network of 100+ organizations, the CSR Europe Conference features the following:

  • Opening plenary “Sustainability Compliance and Innovation for a More Inclusive Growth” – featuring c-level representatives from the European Commission.
  • Panel Discussion on Companies’ Approaches to Just Transition and the Challenges Posed by a New Generation of Employees, with participation from Leonardo, The Coca-Cola Company, and Enel.
  • Nine Roundtables on Just Transition addressing the challenges posed by supply chain due diligence, sustainable finance & reporting, diversity & inclusion, and skills amongst others.

Wouter Vermeulen, Senior Director for Sustainability & Public Policy Europe at The Coca-Cola Company said:

Our strategy is centred around people—our consumers and employees—and driving sustainable solutions that build resilience into our business to respond to current and future challenges, while creating positive change for the planet. In line with our contribution to CSR Europe’s Materials Leadership Hub, at the upcoming CSR Europe Conference, we will seek to engage stakeholders in support of a just and inclusive transition towards the decarbonised and digital economy of the future, so that all can thrive.

Renata MeleSenior Vice President Sustainability at Leonardo, said:

“Green and digital transition demand strong partnerships. Dialogue opportunities such as the CSR Europe Conference are key moments for building a common vision across different sectors, accelerating business transformation in line with the EU institutions’ and policymakers’ goals on ESG topics. For Leonardo, the Conference will be the opportunity to share the achievements and the ambitions of its sustainability path. It will be also the occasion to discuss what are the future challenges companies and regulators shall address to foster a sustainable and just future for Europe in technology-driven sectors.”

Étienne Davignon, President of CSR Europe, Belgian Minister of State and former European Commission Vice-President, said:

In the pursuit of thriving societies, robust democracies, and prosperous economies, we advocate for a Social Green Deal that drives environmental stewardship while fostering inclusive social progress and heralding new opportunities for Europe’s business landscape. Our success relies on forging strategic partnerships, which is why the CSR Europe Conference 2023 is bringing together European policymakers, businesses, and their key stakeholders. Only by uniting collective expertise and resources Europe can lead the way, producing meaningful change and driving the sustainable transformation of our societies and economies.


Responsible Business Forum in Poland is a National Partner Organisation of CSR Europe. Read more about our network here >>