The majority of the world population lives in urban areas. Although cities are a source of environmental pressure, they serve as centers for innovations as well. The innovation potential accumulated in cities increases chances for meeting the needs of their inhab-itants whilst respecting the demands and limited capabilities of natural environment.

Date: 8-9 November

Venue: Copernicus Science Centre

INNOVATIVE CITIES conference is a two-day international event gathering experts in the field of sustainable development and innovative technologies, representatives of administrative authorities engaged in the process of socio-economic transformation in the urban area, representatives of international agencies and numerous Polish and foreign city councils, as well as business delegates.

The conference provides forum for showcasing latest research and best urban practices, and for exchanging experiences between guests, allowing for an identification of developmental trajectories for the cities that would be optimal for both the society and natural environment.

Key components and their objectives:

  • Lectures and discussions: education and opinion sharing that facilitate understanding of environmental concerns and challenges
  • Case study session: searching for best urban practices in an implemention of sustainability principles
  • Exhibition: broadening horizons and spurring inspiration to act


We will attempt to identify key challenges associated with sustainable development in the urban areas. We will also discuss benefits stemming from an application of innovative ideas and technologies in order to meet growing needs of city inhabitants. Finally, we will address the role of active citizen participation in shaping the truly intelligent and sustainable city with the use of modern technology.

The recommended focal points include:

  • a quality of natural environment and its impact on the wellbeing of people living in urban areas,
  • ongoing unbanisation and the budren it poses on natural environment,
  • quality and efficiency of the city ecosystems,
  • natural resources consumption in the urban areas and its effect on the resource economy.


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