mar 10 2021

How to Achieve an Inclusive Due Diligence

Lokalizacja: On-line,

In 2020, the European Commission has committed to a legislative proposal on human rights and environmental due diligence.

Legislation alone, however, will not be enough to properly identify supply chain risks and ensure a positive impact on producers and the environment. For this, an inclusive due diligence process focused on farmers, artisanal miners, local traders, communities, SMEs, and other local actors is needed. Companies, EU policymakers, local authorities, and civil society organisation should work more closely together to become catalysts for change.

Join this webinar to:

  • Learn how downstream companies can further engage with their upstream supply chain.
  • Discuss how policymakers can create an enabling environment for impact at the local level.
  • Exchange with supply chain initiatives, sector associations and civil society organisations on how to establish management processes, investments and collaborative efforts that drive the change towards inclusive and sustainable supply chains.
  • Acquire knowledge about what an effective and inclusive framework should look like.

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