Diversity unites us! – A guide to the Polish Diversity Charter

Diversity unites us! – A guide to the Polish Diversity Charter

We are glad to present you a new edition of the guide to the Polish Diversity Charter. In the guide – in addition to basic information about the initiative, its genesis, ideas and ways to join the program – readers will find a lot of practical information on diversity management, including good practices of companies that have already signed the Polish Charter.

Download the publication „What unites us is diversity” – a guide to the Polish Diversity Charter.


This publication was financed by the European Commission, under European Diversity Charter Platform.


  • Introduction (Mirella Panek-Owsiańska, Responsible Business Forum)
  • Diversity management as a growth driver in the European Union (Lina Papamichalopoulou, European Commission)
  • The origins and the European context of Diversity Charters
  • Diversity management in the workplace: key areas
  • The A to Z of the Diversity Charter in Poland
  • Diversity pays off: benefits for an organization and society
  • Imagined barriers, genuine benefits (Marzena Strzelczak General Director of Responsible Business Forum)
  • Glass half full or half empty? – conclusions from research into managing diversity in Poland (Magdalena Andrejczuk, Responsible Business Forum)
  • Diversity is a fundamental value in any society (Dr Sylwia Spurek, Deputy Ombudsman for Poland)
  • Prevention is the key ((Interview with Krzysztof Śmiszek , Polish Society of Anti-Discrimination Law)
  • How to become a signatory of the Diversity Charter in Poland
  • Effective diversity management in the workplace: hints shared by the signatories of the Charter
  • Diversity management in practice. Activities of the signatories of the Charter
  • Diversity management from the inside, or a mini guide for male and female employees
  • diversity day guidebook – tips for organizing a diversity day in your organization
  • Resources and inspirations
  • Glossary
  • Diversity Charter signatories