Orange, Bogdanka, Energa and Tauron with the best social reports.

10 grudnia 2014

In the eighth edition of „Sustainability Reports” contest– The awards for the best prepared report in the field of corporate social responsibility ” – Orange Polska S.A., Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A., Energa SA and Tauron Polska Energia SA gained the prize. The results were announced on December 9 during “Sustainability Reports 2014” conference.

The new UE Directive about non-financial data reporting and information about diversity will be in force since 2017 in Poland. (read more) In fact, many companies are currently doing a lot of practice on the basis of that innovative regulation, presenting environmental and social data by means of social reports. As a matter of fact, those publications cover considerably wider range of non-financial information as compared to that given in the Directive. For 8 last years the best ones have been chosen in “Sustainability Reports” contest, organized jointly by Responsible Business Forum, PwC and SGS companies. In this year’s edition there are Orange Polska S.A, Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A., Energa SA and Tauron Polska Energia SA which have won in different categories.

In this year’s edition the best reports (out of 31 publications given) were chosen by the main jury, journalistic jury, web users and The Ministry of Economy. In the previous year there were 32 reports sent to the contest, which can be explained by the fact of the various cycles of company reports. The reports are sometimes prepared even every two or three years. The deadline for social reports which is set between September and October is also important. However, during those months most companies are still in the process of preparing such reports. In comparison with the previous years  the largest number of reports still came from energetic, food and financial industry, 6, 5, 5 respectively. In terms of employment large companies submitted the biggest amount of reports – 28, medium-sized sent-2 and small companies only 1. The international procedures called Global Reporting Initiative are the most popular standard of presenting reports. 28 publications (out of 31) were designed on the basis of those regulations.

The results:

The main criteria taken into account during evaluation and selection are completeness, credibility and communication. In this year’s edition of “Sustainability Reports” contest such criteria were fulfiled by:


Orange Polska S.A., „Corporate social responsibility report of Orange Polska 2013”

The jury awarded that report for the exceptional clarity while presenting the important social mission of the company which is simultaneously its business mission, the standard form of presenting the company activities in CSR area, including in particular the complex presentation of both measurable and unmeasurable effects of many actions, the interesting graphic form, the clear composition, the precise information and the effective engagement of stakeholders while preparing report.


Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A., „Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2012-2013”

The jury rewarded that report for the concise and complex presentation of various areas relating to the company’s responsibility in undertaken activities.


Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A., „Responsible Business Report 2012-2013”.

The Ministry of Economy rewarded that report for the way of understanding CSR ideas, in particular activities in the mining sector, additionally with clear and precise demonstration of the company role in the supply chain as well as the valuable description of innovation management and environmental aspects.


Energa SA, „Our Responsibility 2013” Report

The Journalistic Jury rewarded that report for the thoughtful and legible structure and the effective presentation of business activity in CSR report.


Tauron Polska Energia SA, „The report of well-balanced development of TAURON group in 2013”


1. Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. „CSR Report 2013”

The jury rewarded that report for basing it on the expectations of stakeholders.

2. Żywiec S.A. Group., “Believe in better future” report.

The jury rewarded that report for reactivating the analysis of economic and tax influence on economy and society.

3. Kampania Piwowarska S.A., „ The report of well-balanced development of Piwowarska Campaign 2014”

The jury rewarded that report for the extended presentation of diversity issue and the supply chain as well as inclusion of SROI analysis in it.

4.  Tauron Polska Energia S.A. “The report of well-balanced development Tauron Group in 2013”

The jury rewarded that report for the courageous usage of Internet.

– Publishing data about social and environmental engagement of particular company allows accurately to assess how serious the companies treat their responsibility towards the surroundings. The social reports which we have evaluated in that year’s contest are increasingly exhaustive and constitute a credible source of information about strategy and activities of CSR companies. I hope they will become an interesting reading for many investors, clients and consumers – says Mirell Panek – Owsianska, the president of Social Responsible Forum and the chairperson of the jury.

The contest

In „Sustainability Reports” contest the major awards are given for the best designed report presenting corporate social responsibility. The initiative aimed at popularizing the business responsibility ideas (CSR – well-balanced development, the environmental protection and social engagement) is addressed to the companies and the public organizations which publish the reports about their activities in those fields. The first edition was held in 2007. The organizers of the project are: Responsible Business Forum, PwC and SGS (previously CSR Consulting).

The major idea of the contest is drawing people attention to non-financial reporting and indicating good practice in that field. Thanks to that initiative there are the award-winning companies which not only run the activity, taking into account social and environmental interest, but also manage to present their achievements in a clear and credible way in the given reports. The contest leads to the transparency of company activities and engagement in a dialogue with stakeholders.