Join the 8th CSR Marketplace as an exhibitor

7 lutego 2020

Every two years, the Responsible Business Forum organises the largest CSR and sustainable development event in Poland. The next, eight edition of the CSR Marketplace will be held on 29 October 2020 at the EXPO XXI Centre in Warsaw (FREE ADMISSION for visitors). The registration of exhibitors – companies, organisations, and institutions willing to present and communicate their activities and achievements in an attractive form – is under way.

The CSR Marketplace enables exhibitors to showcase their good practices, innovative solutions, products and services, as well as sectoral and intersectoral cooperation and values put into practice. In this way, the event becomes a space for sharing knowledge and experience and a meeting place for representatives of various industries and sectors. The Responsible Business Forum is also inviting companies, organisations and institutions. By signing up as an exhibitor, organisations can join those who actively communicate social responsibility and sustainable development in an attractive form. Exhibitors can register using the form available at

Who can exhibit at the CSR Marketplace?

The last CSR Marketplace in 2018 attracted 2,500 visitors and 77 exhibitors, including:

  • companies committed to good CSR practices (both large and medium-sized companies, as well as SMEs, including start-ups)
  • businesses offering products and services that support responsible business activities (e.g. initiatives targeted at employees, environmental solutions and technologies, non-financial reporting)
  • NGOs wishing to partner up with the private sector
  • industry organisations and chambers of commerce which popularise sustainable development in response to the challenges faced by the communities they represent
  • universities and institutions which deliver CSR curricula, campaigns, and actions

The exhibitions of the 8th CSR Marketplace will be held in the same venue as the conferences, namely at the EXPO XXI Centre in Warsaw. Companies, organisations and institutions which register by the end of the year will be entitled to a 10% discount.

As Marzena Strzelczak, CEO of the Responsible Business Forum says, ‘each organisation has their own unique story to tell and values, knowledge and experience to share with others. We want the Marketplace to be a space for stories about social and environmental commitment, stories that demonstrate organisations’ involvement in the much needed and anticipated change of the world around us – both at the local, nationwide, and global scale.’ As she adds, ‘the year 2020 also marks the 20th anniversary of our organisation. The Marketplace will inaugurate the celebration. We hope that it will bring together the widest possible range of exhibitors and visitors, individuals, businesses, organisations and institutions thanks to whom we look differently at corporate responsibility in Poland nowadays.’

Exhibitors of the 8th CSR Marketplace

Exhibiting at the 8th CSR Marketplace creates an opportunity for communicating social and environmental responsibility efforts in a unique way. Importantly, admittance to the event is free for all visitors. This means that exhibitors can interact with a wide range of stakeholders at their stands, including customers, current and potential employees, local communities, the media, and NGOs. They can talk about the objectives pursued by their respective companies, organisations or institutions, and gain feedback from the community they work with.

The CSR Marketplace is also an opportunity for networking, partnering up, launching important initiatives, and talking about potential cooperation both in financial and non-financial terms. Additionally, the event is accompanied by a conference under the title “Business & Natural Environment Seen as One”. Exhibitors can propose a panel or debate to elaborate on the CSR or sustainable development topics addressed by their respective organisations.

The “Responsible Business in Poland. Best Practices 2019” report will also premiere during the event. The report is the most comprehensive overview of social responsibility and sustainable development efforts published annually by the Responsible Business Forum (details:

The CSR Marketplace is the biggest Polish event dedicated to CSR, held by the Responsible Business Forum biannually since 2005. The aim of the event is to showcase the activities and practices of socially responsible companies, and to promote services and initiatives undertaken in this area.

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Organisations and media supporting the event (confirmed)

Organiser: Responsible Business Forum

Partner: Siemens

Honorary Patronage:The President of the capital city of Warsaw

Media partner: Rzeczpospolita

Patrons: Business Centre Club, Polish Consumer Federation (Federacja Konsumentów), French-Polish Chamber of Commerce, Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce, Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play

Media sponsors: Polityka, IMM, Odpowiedzialny biznes – Kompendium CSR,  Teraz Środowisko,,,